Gary Gray And A Great Day In Rompin

Hello Juan,

I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing day out fishing for sailfish.  You are a man at the top of his profession and it was a pleasure to have fished with you. This was my first time fishing for sailfish and it definitely won’t be my last.  I was thrilled to have caught so many fish and I enjoyed the whole experience ,catching the bait fish, seeing the sailfish free jumping around us and packs of sailfish feeding on bait.

The boat was perfect for the waters offshore Kuala Rompin, your skipper was first class and the preparation of the boat, fishing gear and attention to detail was excellent. Oh did I mention that the food on the boat was awesome!!

The Home Stay accommodation is basic but fit for purpose and the video and photos that you provided me were a complete surprise and you have given me some great treasured memories of my first Sailfish.

You have a first class fishing charter operation and I would recommend it to anyone wanting the experience of a lifetime.

I will see you again in 2018.”

West Australia

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Thanks, Gary. For that great testimony!

Fishing date: 20 October 2017

This will be Gary from W.A. Australia’s first experience in Kuala Rompin.

First things first is picking up Gary from the bus station in Rompin.

The only way to get to Rompin is by road, FYI. While we provide transportation, guests may also choose to travel on their own.

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Gary is only fishing with us for one day. While we’ve had good “one day trips”, there is always some pressure to deliver knowing clients are spending some amount of time and money coming here to have a good time, hopefully catching a fish or two.

Approaching the end of the season, the fishing has not been exactly the easiest in recent days. Water and current conditions are starting to change, and same goes to the weather with the approaching monsoon season.

Baitfish and the pelagic can also be shifting patterns anytime.

However, the fishing god must be smiling down on Gary. Within five minutes of fishing, we’re onto our first sailfish of the day.

Before that sailfish, we also got bitten off twice by Spanish mackerels.

What follows for the rest of the day is fish bite after bites. It’s almost as if fish are queuing up at our boat waiting for our offerings!

The Spanish mackerels kept coming, too, as we get cut-off time after time. When we finally rig a setup with a wire trace for the spanish mack, a sailfish took that, and it’s on a small reel with light line.

We could not go after that fish with the boat either as another rod got hit by another sailfish! A double header and the outcome was quite predictable, the 4000 size Penn Sargus reel eventually ran out of line.

At the end of the day, Gary caught quite a few fish and enjoyed the day out on the water just fishing without having to worry about other things.

Watch the video:

Link to Facebook video of Gary Gray

First sailfish to give Gary the ‘go-around’.

Sailfish fishing is very visual as they mostly fight near the surface
A nice fish for Gary

Jump some more
Another beauty
Non-stop action for Gary

No need to bring every fish aboard for photo
Keeps getting better
I had to “help” fight a fish while Gary have his lunch
Back to the action for Gary

A smaller fish
A bigger one
More action and battles for Gary

Lit up!
Didn’t take photo of all the fish caught as some were released quickly without photos. This is the last fish of the day.
Spooled! That is what happened to this Penn Sargus rigged for spanish mackerel when a sailfish took the bait.
Back to the dock after a great day of fishing

Good food follows good fishing

Side note: Things just worked out nicely for us on this trip. If you’re thinking of fishing here for just a day, you can, but better to plan for more than a day. It’d be a real bummer to travel all the way here and things do not work out for some reason and there is no ”spare” day. This is, after all, fishing. And there are things we have no control over. Happy fishing and we hope you enjoyed this report.

For information and enquiry about sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin, contact Juan Wei.

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