Early June in Rompin With Mark Banns

Mark the navy chief is back fishing with us a second time in as many months. Always cheerful and fun to fish with, Mark added more sailfish and other catches to his species list.

Hello Juan

Wow is all I can say. Another outstanding time and the fish cooperated a little better this time. More and bigger in and to the boat, different species again, we found the honey of a FAD to tie to and no dam big boat pushing us of. Gar or houndfish? Big mackeral, queenfish and a real nice sail for pics. No pinkies for the table, the bigger ones eluded us, did get another nice baracuda and a ton of miniatures on the sabiki rigs.

Seemed the bait and fish numbers were up from last visit, must be the season getting better, chasing schools of sails was fun, dam they are sneeky with 3 not hooking up, lets not forget the one that eat the bait on the 10 lb bass outfit, and I caught it.

Food again outstanding. Lets not forget Denis, he also did a great job.

Everything was as stated, you run an awesome company that I am proud to reccomend. Dam good job.

Here’s to next time.

Mark Banns – BC, Canada, June 2017

And below is plucked from Mark’s report in the Sportfishing BC Forum:

Hello All

An unexpected turn of events allowed me to return to Sport Fishing Asia and my Malaysian connection.

Had another repeat of the exact same as last time, 4 days, travel room and board, 2 full 12 hr days with boat to myself, beach house and amazing food but this time there were more fish around.

What an awesome time, again local food, boat and crew top notch, even managed to see a wild boar, python, civet cat and a ton of monkeys.

Kuala Rompin is the place, not super fancy but amazing for a redneck like me, can’t imagine Aug-Oct when things get real fishy.

Hunting for packs of sails, pitching live caught baits or drifting with set out live bait lines waiting for reel screems.

I had a bass outfit with 10 lb line and 20 lb leader out for some smaller species, guess what rod a 50 lb sail smacked? Line burner and chase started, landed to side of boat and good recouvery for live release. Lots of mackeral, queenfish, trevally and other incidental species.

What an experience, im living the life.

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Mark manage to catch and land a sailfish on light gear giving him great satisfaction
Narrow-barred spanish mackerel to add to Mark’s species list
A big longtime needlefish
Decent size queenfish for Mark

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