Jake and JW with a beautiful Rompin sailfish

Losing Count – Rompin in Mid July

Jake from Houston Texas is on a business trip in the region and he manages to snatch a day away from work for some fishing.

Having never caught a billfish before, he is excited by the prospect of having one at the end of his line.

The rustic scene at Rompin river as boats go out fishing in the morning
Jake with a good haul of baitfish on the fun-rod
First sailfish launches across the surface


We’re seeing and catching good numbers of sailfish the days leading up to his trip. This is coming from some tougher days during the slow period of May and June.

The weather, too was not the most pleasant. Strong winds and storms blew most afternoons.

Overcast sky envelopes overhead on the day of Jake’s trip. The wind blew in the morning causing choppy seas. The wind did not last long and the rain held off, so the day turns out to be a pleasant day out with calm seas and fairly cool temperatures.

Jake on his first sailfish with the PENN Slammer III reel


Our first stop at where the sailfish are expected to be sees quiet skies with not a single bird in sight. Three other charter boats and a couple of fishing trawlers can be seen working the area.

It didn’t look like anything is going to be happening soon so we decided to move to another location.

Arriving here too sees no birds but on closer observation we can see some fins rolling on the surface. Sailfish!

We start our drift for them and before long we have one on.

Once the bite starts they just keep coming. This is one of those days that feels like you can do no wrong. And a nice change from the slower off-peak period.

Jake barely have time to rest as the sailfish keeps coming in thick numbers, not unlike what we usually experience during the peak season.

After catching a couple of fish we soon see other boats arriving on location.

Myself, and at times the crew, these days no longer really keep count of the number of fish hooked and brought to the boat. But clients and anglers will nearly always be counting how many the catch, and that’s natural. This day however, Jake even loses count!

Nice weather and plenty of hungry decent size sailfish make a fantastic day out for Jake.

His hope for a date with a sailfish turns out to be an orgy of sailfishing.

Come fish with us in Kuala Rompin!

Should you have any questions, wish to make a booking or enquire about available dates, please contact Juan.

The aerial acrobatics of a sailfish is a visual feast

An average size decent Rompin sailfish by Jake

Jake tackles a sailfish with the workhorse reel – the PENN SSV6500LL Spinfisher V

Jake battles his fish as another sailfish explodes behind him in a double hook-up

Surface to Air Missile

Anglers from a nearby boat looks on as our sailfish tail walks close to them
Houston… we have lift off!

Happy man

Well deserved lunch break

The hookup continues
Another nice fish at boat side

And one more
What a beauty
Time to have some of Kuala Rompin’s famous food for dinner
Steam prawns
At the Rompin river jetty
JW and Jake

1 thought on “Losing Count – Rompin in Mid July”

  1. Juan Wei and crew were absolutely wonderful! Crew was professional and helpful and they know how to take care of a customer. I was very pleased with the trip and the accommodations. I stayed 2 nights and booked 1 fishing day (looking for some luck!).

    We had some luck alright! Or Juan and crew are just that good!
    We caught 15 sailfish and brought 12 to the boat! Wow!

    My proposed trip first started out with inquiring about fishing in Asia, as I was going to make a business trip to Singapore. After a good while of searching, I noticed that Kuala Rompin was a well known sailfishing spot. I noticed that the information on the web was indicating that sailfishing was the fish of choice during the July season. I contacted a few outfitters and decided to go with Juan Wei. Juan seemed humble yet assuring over the phone, that the trip and what I needed to do was quite easy and his success online appeared desirable to experience. I had limited time as I only had a weekend and needed to travel from Singapore. I rented a car and drove to Kuala Rompin from Singapore. The trip took me about 4hrs one way. When I arrived, Juan was nice enough to meet me later in the evening to have dinner. I ate fantastic local authentic cuisine and then he had me follow him to the accommodation house. The accommodations in Kuala were clean and I had everything I needed, even wifi. The house is not a four star hotel by no means, but for a few fishing buddies or a person just wanting to go fishing and have a place to rest during the night, it was a good package and a good deal. The floors were very clean and everything worked. Throughout the trip, Juan ensured all meals were taken care of. He picked me up in the morning for breakfast and took me home after dinner. Equipment on the boat was very good and right for the job. We fished for bait for the first 2 hours by bobbing over some schools of bait. We then went out for the sailfish. Boy, did the crew and Juan know where to find them! Once we found them, we were reeling them in! Most of the sailfish were 66-68 inches long and about 40-50 pounds (I think that was right, Juan can correct me). I was extremely tired at the end of the day, I was the only angler and was ready to book another trip with a few friends.

    The Indo-Pacific sailfish is beautiful and really cool to see when they jump and twirl out of the water. Each fight was about 20-30 minutes I would guess. During the whole fishing outing, Juan had a camera and GoPro to take care of any memories. The crew were nice and professional and we actually had a lot of good laughs! Especially when I broke a pole reeling one in. After the trip, I felt even more lucky when Juan gave me a few fishing shirts from Kuala Rompin, one of them with his name on it.

    Juan is a class act and I expect his business and endeavors to continue to be successful.

    Again, I had a great time and will definitely go back.

    Juan! Lets do it again, this time, I will bring some guests!

    Thanks for all of it, from starting recommendations to the pictures and videos of the trip,

    Until next time,

    Jake Housman
    Houston, TX Metro Area (Montgomery, TX)

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