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Sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin Malaysia is world famous. Kuala Rompin is well known for the high numbers of sailfish especially during the peak months from August to October and thousands of sport fishing enthusiasts gather here to battle one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

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Best time to fish in Kuala Rompin Malaysia

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Sailfish are famous for their jumps and tail-walks… A sequence shot of a sailfish in Kuala Rompin (This poster is available for purchase in the shop)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sailfish are present throughout the year with their numbers increasing from July.

When is the best time

Fishing season is March to October
Peak season is August to October

Busiest months are August, September and October. Tip: Book early for the best dates as these gets taken up quickly, especially for the peak period.

Mid-November to February is the north eastern monsoon and there is no fishing as the sea gets too rough.

Sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin Malaysia

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The Sailfish Capital of Asia?

Kuala Rompin is located on the east coast of peninsula Malaysia. It is 270 km southeast from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Jump to how to get to Kuala Rompin below.

The prolific gathering of Indo-pacific sailfish in Kuala Rompin has awed many sport fishing enthusiast gaining it the title of the sailfish capital of Asia.

Location of Kuala Rompin. Image: Google Maps

Sport Fishing Asia in Kuala Rompin

About Kuala Rompin

Kuala Rompin offers one of the best spot for sailfish fishing in Asia and up there with the best sailfish hotspots in the world.

Described at times as mind-blowing by those who have fished here – multiple hook-ups and double figure catches in a single day per boat is not uncommon.

The shorelines of Kuala Rompin drops gradually and you get to fish just a short run from the jetty and in relatively shallow waters of 20 to 30 meters (60 to 90 feet).

Adding to the above is the affordability of fishing in Kuala Rompin under the sunny tropical weather, downing exotic asian food and fishing in a typical Malaysian coastal town all adds to the experience.

Brightly lit sailfish
Brightly lit up dorsal fin of this sailfish – Stunning!

Getting here

Your Rompin fishing adventure can begin from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), KL city or Singapore.

The most common mode of transport to Kuala Rompin is by road, closest airport is in Kuantan, at times, private helicopter charter can also be arranged.

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Depending on your departure point, you can choose to fly into Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

We provide transport from both places. The travel time from either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to Kuala Rompin are about the same.

However, it is good to note that the causeway crossing between Singapore and Malaysia can be extremely busy at times. It is after all said to be the busiest border crossing in the world.

Toyota Vellfire and Hyundai Starex MPV mini vans transport to Kuala Rompin for fishing by Sport Fishing Asia
We transport you to your fishing destination safely and in comfort
Toyota Vellfire, Hyundai Starex, Toyota Innova Rompin transport
Some of the vehicles we use

Via Singapore you’ll need to get across the border checkpoint and through immigration. So have your travel documents handy.

Just get here whichever way is convenient to you and if need to, we will transport you here as comfortably and as safely as we can.

The closest airport to Rompin is in Kuantan, about 130km north.

It is a small airport catering to some flights from cities around Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh and Singapore. Flight routes may change, so be sure to check beforehand.

Mark swimming his rompin sailfish next to the boat
Mark from England with one of his catch

Our Accommodations in Rompin

Our focus is on providing the best fishing experience possible – an incredible fishery and good service – in an environment that we describe as ‘comfortable but casual’.

We are not a ‘luxury lodge’. You have the options of staying in the few resorts here in Rompin or house everyone in your group in our homestay (guesthouse).

If you choose to go with our guesthouse accommodation, you will be housed in your own private home away from home – a house with multiple rooms, air-conditioning, kitchen, bathrooms, satellite TV and WiFi. No sharing of accommodations with strangers here.

The location is convenient, short distance to the boats and shops, the rooms are clean and comfortable and the food out at the restaurants are delicious. The overall feel is relaxing and definitely not formal.

Michael with a big Rompin sailfish
Check out the size of this beast. Michael’s got his hands full.

Hotels in Kuala Rompin

Other than our guesthouse and our live-aboard Sea Urchin options, you have the option of booking into beach resorts as well.

Staying in hotel or resort could be a good idea if you have partners that are not fishing. My advise is to go online and read some reviews about the places, expectations may differ.

For those who prefer a beach holiday feel with their game fishing pursuits, there are a few beach resorts in Kuala Rompin including one with a golf course.

Some of the more popular resorts here are Villea Rompin Resort and Golf and Rompin Beach Resort among others. Tip: Do read online reviews before booking so you know what to expect.

Group photograph with a Rompin sailfish to cherish forever
Brothers, sisters and good friends from America, and a moment to cherish together forever.

Hotels and Resorts in Tioman Island

There is also the option to stay in Tioman Island which is 40 nautical miles (74km) from Kuala Rompin.

Getting to Tioman Island

  1. Buses from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore followed by ferry transfer to island
    • There are ferry services to Tioman island from the town of Tanjung Gemok and Mersing. There was charter flights but none are flying at the time of writing this post.
  2. We pick you up from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, fish in Kuala Rompin and we drop you off in Tioman Island
    • Fish around Tioman island, and finally fish the way back to Kuala Rompin again.

Tioman island is a designated marine park and diving is popular here, too.

There are a number of hotels and beach resorts on the island, from budget to high-end:  click here for more information about Tioman Island and some of its resorts.

IMPORTANT: Please note that although sailfish are sometimes close to Tioman island, they are often not. If sailfish are your main target, staying and fishing off from Kuala Rompin is the better choice.

Sailfish caught in Kuala Rompin average 20 to 30kg
Sailfish caught in Kuala Rompin are commonly in the 20 to 30kg (45 to 65lb) range with the occasional fish exceeding 50kg (110lb).

Rompin Fishing Tackle and Gear Guide

General gear guideline for sailfish as below;

  • Fishing rod of 10kg – 23kg (20lb – 50lb)
  • Leader 50 to 60 pound
  • Mainline 15kg (30lb) and above recommended with 300 yards/meters on spool
  • Circle hooks size 6/0

See comprehensive list of fishing gear to bring (Kuala Rompin fishing tackle checklist)

Steve reviving a Rompin sailfish catch
Steve from Wollongong Australia keeping his Rompin sailfish in the water for a quick healthy release

Types of Fish in Rompin

And, there is more than just sailfish on offer. Whether you are live-baiting, trolling, fly fishing or popping for sailfish, you have the opportunity to catch other types of fish, too.

Other pelagic and reef dwelling species are regularly encountered in these waters narrow-barred spanish mackerel, cobia, dorado, trevallies, snappers, queenfish… you never know what may strike at your bait – it can even be a bonefish.

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Black marlin jumping sequence photo
Black Marlin are also occasionally caught in Kuala Rompin
Jason with his Rompin sailfish on fly
Jason with his Rompin sailfish on fly

Bespoke Trips

When you book with us, you can be assured of some of the best personalised services as well as fishing with some of the most experienced captain, guide and crew members.

Customer Reviews: Read what some of our guests say

We cater to almost any requests you might have as our packages are highly flexible from picking your party up from different airports or locations, sending you off to different destinations after your trip, to flying you in and out in your own private charter helicopter.

You can also combine a Rompin sailfish plus toman (giant snakehead) fishing trip in the rainforest, or something else you may fancy. We offer attractive package rates when you opt for a combo trip.

sailfish breaches the surface near the boat
David watches as a sailfish breaches the surface near the boat

Rompin Fishing Package

Our pricing is really simple – it’s pretty much all-inclusive with packages depending on your requirements.

Our package can include transfers to and from the airport, accommodation, guided fishing, food and loaner gear. Your only additional costs during the trip are flight and gratuities for the staff.

You could literally come with just your clothes.

Some of our guests have also discovered fishing tackle can be a lot cheaper here than where they come from. As we work closely with some popular fishing tackle brands, we can also arrange for purchases of fishing gear for you. So you can come empty handed, use your own brand new tackle here and go home with them.

Trips can be of any duration, starting on any day subject to availability – ranging from 1 day trips to multiple days. Recommended trip duration is at least two or three days.

Our lady guest with her catch. Note how calm the sea can be in Rompin!
Our lady guest with her catch. Note how calm the sea can be in Rompin!

More information

Kuala Rompin fishing trip reports

• Fly fishing for sailfish

About Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus)

Tim Kempton and his Rompin sailfish on fly
Tim Kempton from Brisbane Australia with his sailfish on fly

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  3. Inquiring about a 2 day fishing trip in September. Ideally 2 day for sailfish, later part of the last day for different species(Cobia, Mahi Mahi). Will need transportation to and from KL. Accommodation as well. All for 1 angler. Thanks

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