Longfin Trevally (Sagai)

Scientific name: Carangoides armatus
Local names: Ikan Sagai, Cermin, Rambai, Cupak, Demudok Putih

Close resemblance to the Longrakered Trevally (Ulua mentalis)

JW with a longfin trevally in Rompin
JW with a longfin trevally in Rompin


Large eyes with a small rudimentary adipose eyelid in upper corner. Pelvic fin, jugular and elongated in young. 5 dorsal rays and 5 anal rays, filamentous in young specimen, shorter in adults. Lateral line arched at anterior portion, becoming straight at posterior and extending up to caudal fin base.

Adults are solitary pelagic specie that dwells in coastal waters.

Common size up to 40 cm. Can reach 100 cm.

Hard pulling fish!

The Sagai is a hard fighting fish much like most trevally species and it is also a popular eating fish, unlike most trevally species that has tough tasteless meat, the Sagai’s meat are soft and tasty.

They are a popular target species in the east coast states of Malaysia such as Pahang where Kuala Rompin is situated.

Angler often target them with micro jigs or live bait and to a lesser extend, on fly.

Tackle used must be sufficient to stop them from taking cover in underwater structure on their first run, especially on reefs and wrecks.


Fish in photo above was caught using the bottom ledger rig on very light line.

Commercial importance
A commercial specie sold at high prices. However, rarely seen in the markets in large quantities.

Sagai fish long fin trevally distribution map
Distribution map of Carangoides armatus (source)

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