Big Shark at Kuala Rompin

Just received this news of a big shark estimated at 200 kg (440 pounds) that was hooked and released, while boats were sailfish fishing.

Sailfish are starting to come in in large numbers now, following bait schools and shadowed closely by the birds that are filling-up the sky.

One boat reported 30 sailfish hooked over 2 days of fishing just over a week ago. There were multiple hook-ups that was busted off and big sharks were the prime suspects. This is common in the second half of the year when bait fishes are in huge numbers and all the big pelagic are at each other’s throat.

Makes me think twice now before sticking my hand with a shiny camera in-hand into the waters to capture underwater footages.

Fish with us at Kuala Rompin.

4 thoughts on “Big Shark at Kuala Rompin”

  1. Wah! That case I choose shark over sailfish. Problem is photograph. How to carry ball busting big bugger like this. Could well be a big mature White Tip. A camera underwater could well be a shark nooding experience.

    Oooohhhh… I am so excited now I can wet myself.

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