Diamond Trevally, Ebek

Diamond Trevally, Indian Threadfin Trevally (Alectis indicus)
Local name: Ebek

Diamond Trevally, Ebek

Biology & fishery

Often confused with the Treadfin Trevally (Alectis Ciliaris), juvenile Diamond Trevally have very elongate trailing filamentous fins from the dorsal and anal fins. These fins become shorter and finally disappearing at adult stage.

An interesting observation is that it is thought the purpose of the filamentous fins in juveniles allows the fish to mimic jelly fish which is thought to discourage predators.

Found in large schools together with Decapterus Maruadsi (Japanese Scad) or Sardine, Selar, Cencaru, in the morning or at night perhaps also feeding off them. Inhabits coastal waters around 20 m, usually feeding on small fish, squids and crustaceans.

Common size up to 30 cm. Maximum size reported is 150 cm (20+ kg).

Common in the east coast of Malaysia where it is caught in good numbers during the post-monsoon period (February – May).

Diamond Trevally, Ebek

The diamond trevally’s body gradually get more elongated as the fish gets bigger until adult.

Commercial importance
Juveniles are attractive aquarium fish, but do not do well in captivity. Used for making fish crackers and also consumed fresh or salt dried. Adult fish flesh are tough. I tried eating a 3kg fish once and it felt like eating wet plywood!

Diamond Trevally, Ebek

Distribution map of Alectis Indicus

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  1. The aim of fishing is to enjoy yourself and if you do, smile! not sleep!. BTW, my girlfriend married me because of my smile. I am always excited about bottom fishing simply because you never know what may be at the end of your line. To me its like hauling up bits of treasure from the sea that you can eat plus a great way to unwind. Heck, all that for RM500 will put a smile on me anytime.

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