Cichla Temensis Peacock Bass Growth Rate Observation

Meet my new ‘study’ subjects, the cichla temensis peacock bass aka speckled peacock bass. I’ve caught many peacock bass in the wild but has never kept them for observation. This will be interesting and they are such beautiful fish.

The cichla temensis is the largest of the peacock bass species with a growth potential of up to 13kg (30 pounds) in its natural environment.


The peacock bass in the photo here is about 13cm (5 inches) in length as around 2 months old. They have very striking markings, even at this small size although the colours have not really emerged, yet.

I expect them to grow really fast since they have a voracious appetite. Like other peacock bass species they have spurts of growth.

At this size in the wild, they may still be guarded by a pair of parent fish. Spawning peacock bass will guard their fingerlings, which can number up to 1,000 fish, from hatchlings to 8cm (3 inches) in length.

Till the next spurt…

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