Peacock Bass. Fly-fishing first-blood.

Learning fly casting can be tiring. Just swinging the rod back and forth without the proper technique is quite pointless, and demoralising as your fly hardly goes very far.

On the other hand, I can possibly go-on casting and casting for days with a baitcasting setup. That’s because it’s become so second nature to me having been flicking lures for decades. But hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Mountain bike and fishing gear
My ride complete with rod tube attached. It can be refreshing to get some additional exercise on the bike instead of driving to the fishing grounds. Gets to cover more ground too on terrains which do not allow motor vehicles.

That’s what happened the first time I went to the water to practice and being only the second time swinging the 9-foot fly rod, it proved to be interesting to say the least (The first time being on a football field casting for ‘grass carps’).

The more the muscles ached the more out-of-shape my cast become. But the sight of finning fish with the occasional surface frenzy caused by schools of hunting Peacock Bass kept the spirit afloat.

To top it off, having successfully caught something in the process and catching the moment on video was a feeling of great satisfaction.

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