Kim’s first sailfish

IMG_0836-Kim and Shane are seasoned anglers who have caught many fish but never a sailfish. So it was awesome to see Kim catch, land and release her first sailfish. A very stubborn fish at that that gave her a good workout.

Kim handled the fish and gear expertly staying very composed throughout though it was getting a little strenuous on the muscles towards the later stage.

Fishing can be such a great bonding activity or sport. I am always happy to see good friends having a blast fishing together. The same goes to parents who fish with their children and of course, happy couples like Kim and Shane here.

shane-kim-130617_4227 rompin-sailfish-fishing-shane-kim-130617_4220 shane-kim_10
Kim with a nice garfish

I have been putting to the test some Penn gears, specifically the Penn Fathom 30 that you can see in action here and also the Penn Spinfisher V 6500, Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Live Liner and a Penn Legion rod.

The Penn gear have been performing well and will be put into more punishments. More test review results and opinions about them later.

Penn Fathom 30 reel on Abu Garcia Salty Stage Jigging rod SAT66CH Jig Wt 60-200g PE 1.5-4
Penn Spinfisher V 6500 and Penn Legion rod

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