Quick Cure for Sandfly Bites

Sandfly – species or genus of flying, biting, blood-sucking Dipteran encountered in sandy areas.

Sandfly bites may leave large, red itchy bumps that may turn into a rash. These bumps are frequently several times as itchy as mosquito bites, and tend to last longer as well.

Invisible blood-suckers

In the various sorts of sandfly only the female is responsible for biting and sucking the blood of mammals, reptiles and birds. She requires the protein in the blood to make her eggs.

For those of you who has ever had the unpleasant experience of suffering the wrath of the sandfly, you will know the bites itch like crazy and can last for two weeks or more.

Soov pain and itch relief gel

For those of us who fish regularly, sandfly encounters can happen more often than we choose to like.

During the last flats fishing trip, sanflies were on a frenzy on a particular island and we ended up the target of these near-invisible blood-suckers. Tony and I especially, got the brunt of it.

Soov pain and itch relief gel

It is good to have some sort of medications on hand to treat the bites and relieve the itch and rashes. I have tried many remedies or medications but the recent one, Soov, turned out to be a real winner. Or should it be saviour!

This Soov gives fast relieve and after a few applications the red bumps are hardly even noticeable.

This is not too bad but bad enough itch. If you want to see really bad ones, go Google the images of sandfly bites.

One thing about the sandfly is that they somehow get into your covered areas and do the most damage there. On your arms inside of a long sleeve shirt and on your back. Those are favourite bite zones.

3 thoughts on “Quick Cure for Sandfly Bites”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Try applying DEET insect repellent during dawn and dusk. Look for the brand OFF or if you could get your hands on Australia Bushman insect repellent. They have an amazing 80% DEET substance in it. Not recommended for kids but use sparingly on your skin :)

  2. Learned this the hard way after a river trip in Kuala Tahan.Good experience though,Mopiko is doing the job,atleast for an hour or two.

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