Olympus Tough Camera is Waterproof No More

Photo above: Sadly the Olympus camera needed to wear diapers on a recent fishing trip

Snakehead upclose

I first realized my Olympus waterproof camera is no longer waterproof about 2 months ago, right after taking the shot above of a Striped Snakehead (haruan).

After putting it into the drink for some underwater shots that day like I’ve done countless times, I noticed something amiss during playback on the LCD monitor.

Getting home I inspected the battery cum memory card compartment and sure enough found water has gotten in. Sigh, looks like I need to be on the lookout for a replacement.

It worked again after it was completely dried. Since then it has ‘died’ on me on 3 other occasions. Each time requiring me to do some poking around to get it work again. The last time being on a rocking boat during rough seas. I got so engrossed with the poking that it almost got me puking after.

It’s working again. What can I say? This Olympus is tough.

So how long did the Olympus Tough µ 1030 SW lasted? About three years of no holds barred usage. I have probably put the camera through everything the camera manufacturer claims what it is design for, drop, dunk, shock, mud, freeze, crush, short of blowing it up.

Will Someone Sponsor Me a Camera?

I’m eager to replace the camera with something that will produce better image quality than the Olympus but loathe the thought of having to spend more cash.

There have been quite a few manufacturers that have introduced weatherproof outdoor digital cameras in recent years. One particular brand that I’ve been watching is Canon. But the odd thing is they have not had a replacement model since launching their first digital waterproof camera sometime early 2009. I wrote about the Canon Powershot D10 here back then. It is still a decent camera to consider but many modern or up-to-date features are sorely missing such as HD video capability.


12 thoughts on “Olympus Tough Camera is Waterproof No More”

  1. never been unhappy about any thing you have written or shot…keep up the awesome work….the camera may disagree…overwork can kill anyone

    1. sportfishin' asia

      The snakehead in the photo looked a little unhappy too.
      Thanks for the support dude!
      Work hard, fish harder!

    1. JC, the Olympus I have is acting all crazy. Besides no longer being waterproof. It sometimes refuse to turn on. At times, turns on only if the battery cover is ajar. Turns off on its on…

      I’m looking around for a replacement.

      And hey, thanks for dropping-in to my blog.

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