Boys from Nova Scotia – Trevor and Howard

Beautiful sunrise at the jetty restaurant awaiting breakfast and full of anticipation for the day ahead

Trevor makes custom rods back in Canada, both conventional and fly rods under the brand CB Custom rods. He’s in Rompin chasing his first sailfish with good friend Howard, also from Nova Scotia, Canada – a place with a very different landscape from tropical Malaysia.

Date on water: 16 and 17 October 2017

Nova Scotia is a long way from here, so it’s no wonder the friends took the opportunity to holiday in neighbouring Thailand.

The two friends achieves their target of catching their first sailfish, with a couple of nice fish thrown in.

During a lull time (usually around mid-day) we found some squid and caught a bucket full of them! Howard is a natural, quickly getting the feel and reeling them in non-stop while Trevor, standing just next to Howard, just could not ‘get it’. We all had fun and a good laugh.

Also caught was two pieces of black-spot tusk fish. These fish are a real delicacy but should be kept very fresh and eaten soon. The black-spotted tusk fish can cost quite a bit when ordered in the local Asian restaurants, if you can find one that serves them.

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Watch the video:

Link to youtube video

Trevor first on a fish
Trevor with his first sailfish ever and Howard joining in the celebration
Trevor is on another but lost this one
Howard with a longtime needlefish

Find this parasitic crustacean, Cymothoa exigua, crawling out from the mouth of a tread fin bream (happens quite often) and took a couple of pictures of it.

Have you encountered them before? They live a very interesting lifestyle!

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Do you know what this is? Hint: parasite
Cymothoa Exigua, a parasite crustacean that eats and takes over the place of a fishes’ tongue!
Howard lands a beautiful sailfish
Wild jumps!
The Penn Detonator rod is a nice light tackle rod for sailfish
Howard picked up squid jigging in no time and caught around 10 pieces in no time. He’s a natural!
Trevor battles another sailfish
Stunning sailfish
A black-spotted tusk fish for dinner
Trevor with a nice sailfish

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