Sealion saltwater paypond

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to one of these pay-to-fish ponds. So when some friends wanted to check out this ‘sort-of-new’ place I decided to tag along to see what’s the scene like.

Sealion is located near Northport in Klang Malaysia. Perhaps the premier paypond operator here with 5 ponds in total.

The above video is the father and son team of Richard and Justin bringing in their Red Snapper of 2.3 kg.

That’s a decent fish but also a whole lot of waiting and if you do not catch even a single fish in 3 hours, your money will be wasted on renting the chair I guess.

My verdict? Waste of time and money.


  1. the boss says

    Well, we spent a total of RM 180 bucks for a red snapper weighing 2.3kg but we could have save all the hassle by getting to the wet marketas early and buying the same fish for half the price. MKH….

  2. Frogfish says

    RM 180 is quite a hefty sum for a lot of work and a fish. Fishing at paypond is just like gambling and a paypond is just like a casino. You cannot beat the house especially when you are dealt a bad hand (few fish in the pond) and there is nothing you can do.

  3. jw says

    Hey Frogfish,

    One man fish is another man’s poison… errr… what the hell am I writing?

    Anyway, good to hear from ya. Are you writing from Vegas?

    Have you done any bass fishing yet?

    Do check out the Bass Pro Shops!

  4. Frogfish says

    No bass fishing for me. It’s USD 300 for half a day, 45 for the license and the rest for the guided fishing at Lake Lanier, Atlanta. I am coming home to do more Snakehead fishing. Saving the USD 300 to extent my Rapala arsenal since I caught my first Snakehead on a Ratlin Rapala. I am not a convert yet, since it was really hard work with lure but the hookup was definitely exciting and very different. The Strike was very violent as well, in my case anyway.

What do you think?