And our inaugural closed-fishing challenge champion is…

And our inaugural closed-fishing challenge champion is…


First off, the weather forecast was spot on. Richard, Ervin & myself were drenched as early as 7ish am.

Good thing there were some trees we could hide under on the way to the Lost World.

By the time the rain stopped and when we arrived, Ed, YTL and the Tourist was already furiously casting at the Lost World. Curiously, Richard walked off to another spot in the horizon. Hmmmm…

Ed was the first onto a decent fish within the first hour of casting. Ervin followed a short while later with a huge splash at the end of the line but the fish managed to get itself unhooked. Everyone then took their turn to explore the other spots shortly after when the bites seemed to have slowed down.

It was a dark-day for sport fishing

The rain earlier on surely must have brought down the water temperature that might have affected the bite rates but it was the right time to fish nonetheless. This is the first time most of us have fish this location. It was a nice place fringing a secondary jungle. The water is filled mostly with weeds and we could see tons of life in it. Dragon flies are quite abundant and I also spotted a few birds that I could not identify. Big fishes obviously lurk at this place but will not be easy to locate due to the thick cover everywhere and the abundance of food. There are many minnows in the waters as can be observed when one stops casting and look for them darting in-out of the clear gaps between the weeds. We could also see huge splashes every now and then all around us.

I have a good feeling this place will be perfect when the water level rises a few more inches.

So who is the inaugural champion then? Why who else but the boss himself! His second catch is a nice 45 cm fish close to 2 lbs. caught with a swimbait. Well done!

ed's the boss
You can call me the boss


  1. the boss says

    It was a sensational feeling after such a long “cast”in the “Lost World”. I must thanked my fellow author, Chin for being a great mentor when it comes to snakehead fishing, capt yap for discovering “Lost World”, Ervin, my inspirator…could not have done it without him, alan, the gentle frog terminator and lastly, richard, nicknamed “orang asli” that prayed for a great weather..
    It was a teriffic team effort , i must say……

  2. jw says

    Dear balls, oops! sorry. Dear boss,

    Sounds like you just won an oscar.

    Your casting has improved and your patience finally paid off. Every dog has its day! Again, well done!

  3. Alan Yeoh says

    Perhaps no an Oscar but a Trophy Snakehead and a picture that says it all. I can still taste the ginger/ spring onion Haruan fillet. Very good eating. Please catch more.

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