Fat Thai Mahseer

This blue mahseer is fat! My first thought when seeing it was it is either really full or it is pregnant. But upon closer look, it appears to be a male so it’s most likely just having a big buffet.

Before this fish, I had just caught another mahseer casting at roughly the same area, released that fish, trekked upstream about 30 steps before casting to the opposite bank and boom! a powerful take from this fine fish that shocked me.

Had to chase it downstream as it took off like a freshwater version of a bonefish with my line all caught up in the undergrowth between the fish and myself.

After some drama it was safely landed and released to put on more weight.

2 thoughts on “Fat Thai Mahseer”

  1. Really helpful information. I think that you spend a lot of time to prepare for this. I found many useful tips and advice while reading this blog. I love fishing and almost every week I go for it. Your guides may help me catching more fish. Thanks for your great work!

  2. You must have caught a very full carp then. Fishing them in the river looks challenging in itself. Hopefully, I can learn from this and use it as basis to effectively fish them in one of my trips.

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