Sailfish bait

There goes the… err… bait fish?

Over here at Kuala Rompin, the most popular method to catch sailfish is live bait. In the peak season numbers between 20 to 30 fish per boat is not unusual.

The most popular bait species are the slimy mackerel (ikan kembung), yellow tail scads (ikan selar), sardine (ikan tamban) and squid (sotong).

Sardines or ikan tamban

Smaller squids are preferred as large ones often does not produce good hook-up rates. This is due to the feeding habits of sailfish that likes to hang on to their food without swallowing it. Live squids can also make a mess of the live well by turning the water gooey black and biting other bait fish!

More and more sport fishing enthusiasts the world over are discovering the incredible sailfish fishery at Kuala Rompin, Malaysia – which also offers great value for the fishing and holiday. Book your trips early so you don’t miss out the action. Contact us for more information today.

5 thoughts on “Sailfish bait”

  1. I’ve been following for quite some time now and I’m pretty interested in trying out sailfish (yeah I know now it’s not the season, more like planning for next year). Can you guys recommend any reliable charters? Also regarding gear, I have a Major Craft Crosstage Jigging PE 1-3 paired with a Daiwa Caldia 4000 as well as a Zen Versatile 7’3″ Jig/Pop PE 2-4 paired with a Daiwa Catalina 4000. Would this suffice? Both run about 250-300m of 30lb braid.

    1. Hey KK, thanks for following. Look out for more as there will soon be a new site design and even more contents. There is near to 50 charters in Rompin, best is find out from friends with personal recommendations. I cannot do that here as we cannot be sure of the outcome and take the rap later. Hope you understand. Your gear should suffice. Ensure the drag is super smooth. Bring a spare sets just in case.

      1. When it comes to a strong and smooth drag, nothing much beats the 2012 Catalina ;) I always believe that there’s no such thing as “guaranteed fish” so don’t have to worry about me putting blame on others/boatman. You can do all the preparations you need and still end up with nothing and at the same time putting in minimal effort and something big decides to take your line. It has happened 1 too many times. I do understand where you’re coming from but thing is I don’t have friends who have tried the Rompin Sails so it’s pretty hard for me to get recommendations. Are there any sites that I can look for charters?

        1. The Catalina is a reel with good powerful drag. If you use it on the salt often, maintain it well to ensure it stays that way. I’ve seen premium reels fail, too. You can try the local mags for some contacts.

          1. You are right on the maintenance part. Every reel no matter how premium has to be regularly serviced which I do on all my reels whenever they touch saltwater especially for my BCs. Thanks for your help by the way. Appreciate it. Looking forward to the site’s new design!!

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