mark banns with longfin trevally

First Navy Chief to Fish With Us [video]

Hello Juan
Thanks for the outstanding time, excellent memories for life.
Mark Banns – BC, Canada, May 2017

Mark Banns is a Chief Petty Officer aboard a navy destroyer. A huge one I must say! Since his ship will be making a stop in Malaysia, Mark got in touch with us to set up a fishing trip.

It is early May and fishing is not hot, especially for sailfish – fingers crossed.

Mark is a really fun guy and we had a blast during the trip.

Check out the video below of Mark’s first of two trips in Kuala Rompin.

4 thoughts on “First Navy Chief to Fish With Us [video]”

  1. Excelent Juan, thanks again. The food, fishing and experiences, both trips were outstanding.


  2. That is my brother you are fishing with. He has said many times what a great trip he had. Thanks for making that video for us all to see and giving my brother an awesome time fishing!

    1. Thanks, Jane. Mark is a great guy. We enjoyed fishing with him a lot. Wishing you and family a very Merry Christmas and happy new year. – JW

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