Finning and Tailing Sailfish

It is reminiscent of flats fishing where you can see finning and tailing fish feeding on shallow waters, or skinny waters in fishing speak. Dorsal fins and tail fins sticking out of the waters surface is sure to get any angler all worked-up, this is when you forget everything else exist in this world and I mean everything and just gets fixated on getting a cast in.

On some days during the peak season months in Kuala Rompin, groups of sailfish can be seen herding and feeding on bait fish clearly visible on the clam waters with their fins sticking out. A bill slashing on the surface every now and then.

Sights like that often sets the hearts racing for anglers.

These sailfish groups are usually feeding on the tiny anchovy schools forcing them to flee and form bait balls.

Watch the video I put together showing groups of sailfish casually feeding and working on bait balls. And then imagine being there witnessing the whole thing live and with a fishing rod in your hands.

Although the sailfish appear to be easy prey for fishermen, they are in fact anything but easy targets.

About the best possible way to catch these sailfish that are busy munching on anchovies is by drifting live baits across the school. This involves reading the drift and adjusting the boat according to the wind and current.
These sailfish often appear lazy to chase after prey with their focus on the millions of anchovies.

Those targeting them with hard lures such as poppers or fly fishing have their work cut out for them and will often end up frustrated with the lack of interest the fish shows. You do, however, need to try before knowing for sure the sailfish’s behaviour or mood.

Follows are common, not easy to get eats but it does happen. Getting a good hook-up from a sailfish swimming towards you is near impossible so if you get an obliging fish, try to wait for the fish to turn before strip-setting hard. Very hard.


Link to the video of finning and feeding sailfish action in our sister site Rompin Sailfish.

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