Missed Opportunity

Plenty of cobia in the 2018 season – here’s Marco with one

Good memory in Kuala Rompin for fly fishing Sailfish, two days trip is too short, although we can not made our sailfish on fly dreams come true, but we learn so much during the trip, thank you Juan Wei, you and your teams are the best fly fishing sailfish guide in Rompin ~!!! we will come back soon !!!!!!!!!! Thank you again ^^ – Marco

Marco and Ben made a short two day trip to fish in Kuala Rompin. Their target is to land a sailfish on the fly.

Having never caught a sailfish before and knowing they only have two days to accomplish their target, they are also game for catching them using other methods and basically just have some fun and make the most of their trip.

On the first day, we focused on fly fishing. The action is slow, although the fish are around they are not very active and tough getting them to chase down anything.

After raising a fish in the morning, much of the day was spent trolling teasers around until we got some action in the later part of the day.

The mustard hook (right) on the fly was squashed by a sailfish
Ben battling his fish with the new PENN Spinfisher reel and Warmonger popping rod
Ben with a beautiful sailfish
Dinner together with our other guests Seiji and Watanabe San who are fishing in our other boat

Marco is the first to take the shot and we all thought that’s it!, as line slips off his line hand and the sailfish takes line at speed. Unfortunately the sailfish drops the fly and everything came loose.

We thought it may be a poor hookup and the fly was dropped. On closer inspection of the fly, the hook was actually flattened! That’s something you don’t see often.

Ben is up next and he soon had an aggressive fish that went for his fly. The sailfish hit his fly several times, came back for it and tried to eat it before it lost interest.

Some exciting moment for Ben but no hookup.

The second and final day, we decided to mix things up a bit to at least have Marco and Ben battle a sailfish or two. So we setup some live baits and also brought out some lures and jigs.

Soon we have sailfish, sharks, cobia and queenfish at the end of the line.

Watch the video…

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