Wire to mono leader slim beauty knot video

How To Tie Wire Leader To Mono Using the Slim Beauty Knot

This is a knot that I have used for a long time to join wire trace to a nylon leader such as monofilament or fluorocarbon.

It is a proven knot but not the easiest or quickest to tie and not the prettiest to look at to some, despite its name slim beauty.

The slim beauty moniker probably only applies if you’re using this knot to join a thick nylon with a thin nylon or braided line.

There is an alternative and much quicker to tie wire to mono knot that you can use – check out the Yucatan knot.

This is a knot you can depend on when you have to connect wire to mono but you need to tie it neatly and properly, so my advice is practice and test before going on the water.

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