Video: Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond walkabout and its Snakeheads

There is no fishing in this video. But it takes you around the pond and shows off one of the talking point of the place and that is the abundance of Striped Snakeheads (Haruan) that they have.

Walk with me as I take you on a short tour of this new fishery.

2 thoughts on “Video: Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond walkabout and its Snakeheads”

  1. bro, nothing natural exotic there. seems that the name of the pond is a mis-fit. With the current set up, I am sure owner will have room service food delivery to anglers, massage session, mahjong sessions, karaoke and lots more…….
    These Chinamen know their way to make $$$$$$….

    1. Who know? You could end up right about the services. We should continue seeing anglers there as long as the fishing remains good as they are now.

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