Light jigging spanish mackerel at Kuala Rompin [video]

Get ready to get jiggly.

Managed to film some scenes of us fishing and light jigging for narrowed-barred spanish mackerels (or some would call it micro jigging) at Kuala Rompin. Also watch out for some footage of the waters covered with micro-organism and us feeding anchovies to a school of big garfish.

Rods that are not too stiff are better for spanish mackerel (local name ikan tenggiri) fishing as these fish goes berserk and swims rapidly in all directions, often back towards the boat when hooked. A softer rod is more forgiving and remember to crank like crazy as soon as you get a hit. Have your reel drag set correctly before you start fishing, I repeat that is before you hook a fish – not during a fight (I see this all too often). Do not stop to see if the fish is still “on” as it might be swimming towards you and the slack line will allow it to spit the hook out.

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