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Apple – We Have a Problem | Error Exporting and Sharing Final Cut Pro File

Not the usual fishing trip video post this one.

I just completed editing and uploading the trip video but man, was there plenty of error messages when I tried sharing the file! 

It took me 12 hours and right into the early hours of the morning to resolve and finally successfully uploading the file to the Sport Fishing Asia YouTube channel.

After spending weeks putting the video together it was very frustrating to face the export file issue.

If you use Final Cut Pro for your video editing you may be familiar with some of this. I was getting all sorts of errors with the error frame #xxxxx being the most common. And the frame number kept changing.

The video features Tuz’s insane day 2 trip in Kuala Rompin fly fishing for sailfish.

As there was a lot of action, the video turned out to be 25 minutes long even though we only did half day of fishing for about 5 hours.

I tried a lot of things hoping to resolve whatever the problem was. The frustrating thing is having to re-export every time and having to wait to see it worked and if it doesn’t, at how many % did the file sharing failed. Being a fairly long 25-minute video added to the challenge.

How did I solve the problem in the end?

I tried a lot of things researching google search results, watching numerous YouTube videos on the subject and nothing worked.

In the end I decided to see if updating to the latest Big Sur OS would help, and it did!

This problem has happened before but did not take this long and this much effort to fix. The problem may have occurred because I updated the FCP app but did not update the OS.

What I’m also doing now is turning off the Background Rendering in the preference panel. I suspect because of the complexity of this particular edit, the numerous background rendering could have resulted in corrupted video files.

Turning off background rendering may help simplify the edit process and the current video I’m editing is going smoothly.

One thing for sure is the file size is very small without the background rendering turned on.

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