Quickest easy fishing knot

SUPER QUICK and EASY FISHING KNOT (How to tie, step by step and breaking test)

Truly one of the quickest if not the quickest fishing knot to tie. This knot is also called the Penny Knot, some call it the Eugene Slip Knot – and according to one of our YouTube viewers, Greg Letter, this knot is related to the Pitzen knot and the San diego jam knot. I am knot kidding you!

I used this knot at times to quickly tie on a lure or fly to the leader. You can basically tie this knot without looking and that can come in handy sometimes when you need to keep an eye on a fish in a river or a cruising fish in the flats.

I got some requests to make this video after I made a YouTube #short video earlier showing this knot. But because one of the requirements for a YT “short” video is being under 60 seconds I did not get a chance to show how to tie the knot. I wanted to demonstrate it is really a quick easy knot to tie, those who are not familiar couldn’t figure it out hence this video.

I hope it help some of you. Leave me a comment below about what you think.

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