Will the super moon have an affect on your fishing?

Yellowtail scad

We just had another super moon encounter a couple of days ago, did it have any affect on fishing? It did. Moon rise happened to be in the early evening and when we started our night fishing session it was among the best in terms of bite rate at this spot that we frequent.

If you’re somewhat of a wolf, you are going to have a wild party tonight. If you are just a regular fisherman like the rest of us, it is probably not going to mean as much.

The moon tonight will be about 50,000 km nearer to earth than a regular evening.

While the moon phase have an affect on piscatorial activities the super moon will probably not make any difference in our catch compared to the usual full moon.

What is certain during this super moon phase is its affect on the tides. The difference between high tide and low tide will be significant. In fact, some anglers will take this opportunity to even scan the coast structure as the tide will be super low, exposing features that are not normally seen. Taking a visual image of this may help in identifying fish holding areas when the tides are back.

If the winds are strong, it will not be safe for small water crafts to be out at sea during the next few days.

Will the supermoon bear some superfish or supercatch? The only way to find out for certain is to go fishing. We can always use another excuse to wet our lines. Just in case it does produce good fishing and those of us who are skeptics will have to wait until the next time the moon ever comes this close again.

If you do go fishing and had a super time, don’t forget to share your story with the rest of us! Tight-lines!

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