Waterworks-Lamson Dome Light Hat

Can’t do without a cap on your head all the time? Always lurking around in the dark? Or perhaps you subscribe to the adage ‘The early bird catches the worm’ or fish in this case? Ever wished there are build-in lights in the brim of the cap?

Waterworks-Lamson Dome Light Hat

Let there be light
There are caps like that for fishos. You may have come across caps that have a single forward LED light before but the Waterworks-Lamson also has downward-facing flood-lights under the brim to illuminate the area in front of your torso allowing hands to be free to facilitate rigging of tackle and stuffs. A button under the brim operates the lights in the following fashion; all three lights; floodlights only; headlight only and the fourth push of the button is off.


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