Ross Flystik Heavy 10wt

I’ve used a couple of Ross products (namely one rod and two reels) and they are great to use, and reliable.

Geoff Samples from Ross Reels also rendered excellent professional service when I had to replace my broken Ross rod.

This will be my second rod from the Ross brand and boy, have I gone big! A Ross Flystik Heavy 10wt. Woot!

Although made to meet the Bass fishing tournament rules requiring rod length up to the maximum of 7ft 11in these rods are well suited for other species, here in Asia, too. Like the giant snakehead (toman) for example.

I’ve casted the 6wt Flystik and they are sweet. Why a 10 weight? Well, because I have BIG plans for it. Check back often and stick around (pun intended) to follow my fly fishing adventures with the Ross Flystik.

I have yet to decide what reel to match the rod with but is waiting to check out the new Lamson Speedster. If it fits, that might be it. Line-wise it may be the RIO Outbound intermediate.

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