Not mono, not fluoro, not braid. New Berkley NanoFil.

So what the hell is it? Will this be the next fishing line revolution?

2 thoughts on “Not mono, not fluoro, not braid. New Berkley NanoFil.”

  1. In an already crowded maket place, any ” new ” line has to be a plus for the maker..
    It is all about being seen as innovative, look at us, we are market leaders, it is new, it is better than x or y, then it is described as being the new force in fishing technology.
    My words, as I generalise about the industry.
    When all the hype settles, it is just another fishing line.
    New products have more to do with lure colours as opposed to the lure itself.
    It is all about getting more sales out of fishers.
    A stack of damn good line made by some damn good companies will continue to satisfy the market place.
    Not all that impressed with the product.
    Very impressed with the marketing.

    1. Quite true, Russell.

      It is just business at the end of the day. Every manufacturer/brand needs to introduce new products every now and then or they will not be seen as being innovative.

      Naturally, only the truly good products will stand the test of time (and anglers) to maintain presence on the shelf while the rest will just vanish.

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