Love Hate Relationship With My GoPro Hero3

Coincidently, this post coincides with the launch of the GoPro Hero4 which, looks very promising.

Back to what this post is about – having the GoPro Hero video camera is great, when it works.

Other than the bugs in the Hero3 (some highlighted in this post), the worse that happens is when you have something memorable to record and think you have them only to find out later that it did not turn out as anticipated.

Like this clip. My Japanese friend had a good bite and the sailfish took-off and the scene was followed by more sailfish raised with the teasers to the back of the boat. I thought I had everything in the memory card, click to watch what I actually got.

2 thoughts on “Love Hate Relationship With My GoPro Hero3”

  1. I have Hero 4. Hangs, starts vid – stops for no reason. Not impressed at all. GoPro support supportive – they blame the sd card. I’ve missed several (to me) important occasions because I thought the Hero was recording when in fact it wasn’t.

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