Sabah Mini International Fly Fishing Fair 2014 – mini post event report

Sabah Mini International Fly Fishing Fair 2014 – mini post event report

Main photo above: Fly casting at the rooftop of South East Asia would be an apt way to describe the occasion.

Kudos to the boys of the North Borneo Fly Anglers in particular to Julio Dino, also to Dron Lee and IFFF MCI, CK Ling for successfully organising the first Sabah Mini International Fly Fishing Fair.

It was not a very big event with around 40 participants, mostly from out of Sabah.

Personally I feel the boys chose the wrong date to have the event, right through the Hari Keamatan or Hari Gawai festival which is equivalent to New Year or Christmas to the locals.

The great support from outside participants however, made it a successful one. Two IFFF Master Casting Instructor and Board of Governors attended, namely Peter Hayes and Tomonori Higashi, along with two Master Casting Instructors Yusaku Tatsui and CK Ling. They were there to teach and demonstrate fly casting while also examined five Casting Instructor aspirants.

We also had the pleasures of the Limp Cobra, Marc Fauvet attending who said this is the first time he’s ventured this side of the alps from France where he lives. Other overseas attendees were Casting Instructors Chen Kai Shen from Taiwan, Chris Rowe and distance casting champion, Gavin Davis from Australia.

Some of the boys from North Borneo Fly Anglers

Some of the boys from North Borneo Fly Anglers

My entourage arriving at the Kota Kinabalu airport

My entourage arriving at the Kota Kinabalu airport

Mountain View

The venue was changed at the eleventh hour to the Manis Manis Resort which is located at about 800 meters above sea level within the Crocker Range National Park. The place was decent and cool with average tasting food.

The restaurant at Manis Manis built on the edge of a hill offers breathtaking view of Keningau town down below surrounded by thick jungle and mountains. Other than the casting field, most of us spend a lot of our time mingling and held many indoor casting games here due to rain. At night, a myriad of bugs and insects will emerge from the surrounding rainforest and swarm the place – attracted by the bright lights.

Participants arrived in batches mostly the day before and most had a thrilling taxi ride up the mountain roads through misty stretches in near breakneck speed (at least we and a few others did).

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Yusaku Tsutsui – Master Casting Instructor (MCI) – Japan

Yusaku Tsutsui – Master Casting Instructor (MCI) – Japan

Yusaku-san is a passionate fly fisher who enjoys both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Fascinated with the fishing available in Malaysia since his first visit to Malaysia in 2012, Yusaku-san quickly became good friends with his new found fly fisho mates in Malaysia. He has since fly fished in Kuala Rompin, Royal Belum, the Maldives and most recently in Thailand for mahseer.


Yusaku-San at the IFFF Kuala Lumpur. He is a very friendly person.

Yusaku-san is famed for his fly tying, in particular his foam popper flies. Highly effective and easy to cast popper flies of his creations are very innovative and you should try them out.

Watch video of Yusaku-San tying a foam fly.

He will be showcasing his tying skills during the Sabah fly fishing festival this May and should not be missed.

Yusaku is the owner of Drag Free Fly Fishing Shop in Osaka, Japan.