Successful Sailfish Trip for New Zealanders Judith and Steve – Their First Visit to Kuala Rompin

Get ready for another trip report with amazing catches and some stunning photos!

It is a pleasure hosting and guiding this lovely couple from New Zealand.

This is Judith and Steve’s first trip to Kuala Rompin and Malaysia. From their reaction, the have had a wonderful experience with us and also some fantastic fishing. They also throughly enjoy trying out all the local food.

Have a look at their trip with us in the images below. Leave a comment in the box below or contact us if you have any question about fishing here.

A sumptuous local dinner is Judith and Steve’s first introduction to our hospitality upon arrival from the airport to Kuala Rompin
Judith lands her first Kuala Rompin sailfish well before 10am on the first day
Steve is next and gets to check out the performance of the new left hand wind level wind PENN Fathom reel
This sailfish puts up a show close to the boat
They are super quick as you can see from the ‘footprint’ on the water

Success and stays in the water for some photography
The newly introduced left hand wind lever drag PENN Fathom next to a PENN Clash in the background ready for battle
Judith keeps herself away from this toothy longtime
Judith and a sizeable sailfish
Steve follows up with another nice specimen
Morning at the ever charming and rustic charter boat jetty at the Rompin river
Steve looks on as his next sailfish breaches the surface in the distance
Steve posing with his sailfish boatside before releasing

Unfortunately, sailfish often get caught in fishing nets along with baitfish.
Spot the sailfish – two sailfish fins are visible in the net
Sweet couple
Steve catches a longtime garfish, too.
Stunning sunset this evening
Judith and Steve checks out the catch of the day in the local market
The old billfish conservation board is still standing after all these years
Enjoying the sunset before leaving Kuala Rompin, the other side of the jetty
It’s impossible to capture the incredible light show unfolding that evening with our humble cameras. It really resemble the aurora at times!

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