Contrasting Weekends for Three Americans – Jesse, Derik and Drew

We’re blessed to enjoy multiple good fishing days here in Kuala Rompin. However, very contrasting fishing days are not uncommon either. Something to ponder when you go fishing for just a day.

Jesse came the year before with two other American friends and this year he’s back for another round of billfishing.


It is a slow start on day one. We didn’t find any cooperative sailfish until lunchtime! The water clarity is extremely clear, too.

When we found fish, we found fish. Derik and Drew went first with a double header but both lose their fish after a brief battle.

The next fish come about 20 minutes later and it is Jesse’s turn. Being the “seasoned” among the three friends, he showed them how it is done.


The early part of the day remained slow. We changed spots a couple of times.

And then it just happened like someone flicked the with and turned the fish on. The guys are catching sailfish one after another and good sized fish they are too.

Everyone is kept busy until the weather forced us to pack up and return earlier as a storm set in.

Two very contrasting days with some valuable lessons learned on the water.

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Jesse, Derik and Drew in our boat as it departs the jetty for their first day of fishing. Our live aboard the Sea Urchin can be seen in the background.
Cotton clouds, always like looking at them.
Derik is first to go at battling a sailfish
Derik in action
The fight is fast and furious
Drew is on, too for a double header

Derik fights his sail up on the bow
Jesse’s sailfish goes airborne as they often do
Dead small fishes that came off a commercial netter
First sail landed

This PENN Battle has seen many battles
Slimy mackerel often swim with their mouth wide agape filtering food
Powering back after a rather slow day
Sunset at the Rompin estuary
Entering the Rompin river
Clear turquoise water gives the Rompin river a “Maldivian feel”
Derik casting for bait
Cannot identify this plastic-looking fish. Please let us know in the comment box at the end of the article if you know the name of this specie.
Cobia surprise for Derik!
Drew is on again
This time Drew successfully brings in his sailfish
A decent sized first sailfish for Drew
1pm and Derik is onto another sailfish
The sailfish gives him the run around
Handsome fish
1:30pm – Jesse is on the following fish armed with the PENN Battle II
The sailfish jumps in between two other boats in the background

This fish puts up a good run
Another good sized sailfish for Jesse
1:48pm – Drew battles the next fish. When the fish is turned on they are turned on!
A real jumper this one

What a display!

The mandatory circle hook does what it’s supposed to do by hooking up in the corner of the mouth
Drew with possibly the biggest of the trip
Derik quickly follows with another fish minutes later
Jesse is on the last fish of the trip shortly after
A nice size fish
Wind picked up in the afternoon and the weather quickly turned for the worse so we had to call it in a little early

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