Mazzy Frog – Soft Plastic Lure Review

Mazzy Frog – Soft Plastic Lure Review

Why are we showing a picture of the rear-end of a frog? The ass of this soft plastic is where most of the problems occur. That’s why.

First, a small admission. I do not like frogs (the real ones that croaks and hops). They’re mostly ugly and slimy and my dog died when it bit one. But they are important to the ecosystem, so, I guess they’re cool too.

Frog lures are among the most universal of freshwater fishing lures. They catch almost everything from catfish to bass to snakeheads. The Mazzy Frog lure is one of many such lures. It is a well conceived lure and produces good results.

Snakehead Fish Engulfs Mazzy Frog
[Frogfish and his catch] Strike late and you may find the lure in the fishes’ throat. A debarbed hook is best to ensure fish’s survival.

Frog? Or Mouse? Maybe a mousy frog.

The Mazzy frog can be fished on the surface like most frog bait and when retrieved, it’s legs does a sexy pedaling action. It can also be fished as a sinking lure. Two holes on the sides of the lure allows in water that also helps add weight to the otherwise lightweight lure and the additional weight allows the lure to be cast a long distance. Beside swimming the lure on the surface and sub-surface, let the lure to sink to the bottom and bounce/twitch it like how you fish a plastic worm. This works well among snags and even out in the open.

One of the things the holes have also allowed me to do is spray some Berkley Gulp! Alive! Fish attractant into it. That’s supposed to make it ‘come alive’ but bite rates I must say is far from conclusive with or without using the Berkley Gulp! Alive!

There are two sizes available. The MF30 and MF40. I prefer using the MF40 and find even small fishes will have a go at it.

The Mazzy frog is made out of a soft rubber material that gives it a natural texture. There are quite a number of color and pattern choices plus the detail finishing is actually very good.

Wear and tear appears quickly. Check the position of the hook often.

I do however have some niggles with the Mazzy frog. The problem with this soft plastic frog lure is it gets destroyed fairly quickly and the damage is focussed mainly around its ass. Normally we are used to soft plastic bait not being that hardy but they’re also inexpensive. Not the Mazzy frog though. This baby is pricey and a single fish bite can do substantial damage to it (see photo).

Ed ‘The boss’ with the biggest Striped Snakehead by us on a Mazzy Frog lure thus far. A beautiful 1.2kg fish.

The part that holds the hook and legs tends to also get ripped from the rubber body section. Though this can be glued back later and reused we do have to make an inspection of the lure ever so often to ensure that the hook is still in the correct position which ensures the lure remains weedless and get the best hook-set when a fish bites.

Snakehead and Mazzy Frog
Do not be shy to go bright! This lure attracts both small and big fish.

Range of Mazzy Frog lure models

Image source: Viva Lures


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  1. rofhan says

    hi, I am a fisherman from indonesia
    I am having trouble finding a frog soft bait like yours
    Can you tell me where I can get a frog as you have
    or you can send me a frog like that

    • sportfishin' asia says

      Hi Rofhan, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve sent you an email regarding the lure. Hope you received it.

  2. shaiful says

    hi…where can i get this lure around Kuala Lumpur…I been looking around but still cannot find any shop that stock them and can you get me a lure from thailand that called ADDY lure…it a very nice handmade as i can see you travel a lot to thailand..thanks

    • sportfishin' asia says

      Hi Shaiful, stocks for this lure is currently out or very limited. Hopefully new ones will arrive soon, keep checking back for updates. I’m not sure of the ADDY lure you mentioned. Is that the skirted frog lure, some with a prop in front? Perhaps you can post a photo of the lure you are looking for at our Facebook Page’s wall and someone may be able to assist.

    • JW says

      Thanks for leaving your comment Joey.

      The Mazzy frog can be found in many tackle shops. Where are you located? Let me know if you need further info.


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