Tripletail Wrasse


Tripletail Wrasse, Triple Tail Maori Wrasse
Bayan, Bechok, Batu, Nuri, Teterap, Lingkar Karang, Beberat, Bayan-Bayan

The Tripletail Wrasse (Cheilinus Trilobatus) is a hard-hitting, powerful fast fighter that never gives up.

Grows up to 45 cm. Can be caught bait-fishing at the bottom with live Scrimp, Crab.

Found fron the East Coast of Africa, Northeast to the Red Sea, Western Pacific & The South China Sea.

Biology & fishery
Inhabits coral and algae vicinities in shallow to deep waters. Juveniles are found alone or in small groups while adults usually aggregate in large group. Feeds on mollucs, crustaceans ans sea urchins, but occasionally take fishes. Difficult to approach. Juveniles secretive on algae reefs and usually around stinging hydrozoans.

Commercial importance
Very high-priced. Sold fresh & is popular in Sabah, East Malaysia.

2 thoughts on “Tripletail Wrasse”

  1. Sportfishin' Asia

    Six Line Wrasse,
    There are many many wrasse species in Malaysian waters. You may catch a few variety yourself if you keep at it :)

    Let me get around my schedule and will post more photos of our finned-friends here.

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