Waterproof Phones for Fishing (or shower)

Things got wet at the Fujitsu launch

I read somewhere that Japanese mobile phones manufacturers make waterproof phones because Japanese women are so fond of their phones, they even use them in the shower.

Rising Sun

“In Japan, you can’t sell a phone if it’s not waterproof. About 90% to 95% percent of all phones sold now are already waterproof,” Panasonic executive Taro Itakura told AFP at the Mobile World Congress.

“Why? This is very unique – young Japanese women prefer to use their cellphones even when taking their showers,” Itakura said.

… … …whatever you are visualising in your head… SNAP OUT OF IT! OK, back to reality!

As we ponder the moment and thank our Japanese friends especially the ladies, waterproof phones are a blessing for us fishermen, too.

I’ve used a couple of waterproof phones now, starting with a Siemens, a Nokia, then the Sony Ericsson C702 that you see in the photo and the latest is the Motorola Defy+.

Back when I started using these phones there wasn’t much of a choice. Pretty much take it or leave it. Mono screen. Life was much simpler then.

Nowadays there are also the Fujitsu, Samsung with its Xcover, Sony Ericsson with the Experia Active and more.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover

While the Siemens and Nokia I had was just basically just a phone, literally, the C702 was a big leap running on Symbian and have many cool features plus a surprisingly decent 3.2MP camera. It served me well and it proved to be hardy.

Hello Moto

The C702 could get me online and post some picture to facebook and so on but I needed something much more up-to-date. I chose the Motorola Defy+ as its spec sheet looked the best amongst the current lot.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

So far the Defy+ has been OK. I has seen a few fishing trips, I’ve gotten it wet and all but I’m not too trilled with the Android OS. I wished it to be faster than it is. There’s a lag moving between apps and launching apps. The camera for example takes some time to appear and being able to shoot quickly is something important to me.

Salty Moto

The Motorola Defy+ will be with me flats fishing for a week. Will the saltwater environment spell the end of the Motorola Defy+?

Follow my blog for more updates on the performance and durability of the Motorola Defy+.

What about you? Do you own a waterproof or what some call a Lifeproof mobile phone? Do you take it with you into the elements? Click on Comment. I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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