[Video] Arapaima on Fly

I just had to experience how it’d be like to catch an Arapaima on fly. So I put together my rather odd combo setup and went for it!

It was awesome! The Arapaima is an intimidating looking fish but being an air breather puts it at some disadvantages and catching one on fly is definitely doable and lots of fun. The flies used are baitfish profile flies and black Zonkers as posted here.

I think fly fishing will be my preferred method of Arapaima fishing from now on. Hope you enjoy this little video of the experience I had recently.

4 thoughts on “[Video] Arapaima on Fly”

  1. Been trying casting lure at this pond and it seems disappointment.
    But the fly fishing are effective against those arapaimas

    1. Hey Jimmy, sorry to hear about your experience, what lures did you try with?

      Have to agree though that fly fishing is a highly effective method of catching fish.

      You may want to give fly fishing a go the next time.

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