Daiwa Megaforce Plus with Twitchin’ Bar Baitcasting Reel

I guess this was supposed to be a revolution in fishing reel design? No more fumbling with the cranking, forget about twitching your rod to bring life to your bait, just use your thumb and free your other hand! But it may not have caught on.

Seriously, this reely put a smile on my face when I played with it. What ever happened to good ol’ fancy handwork? It’s probably a hit with nicotine lovers leaving their smokes uninterrupted while still working that lure!

What do you think? Would you buy one?

4 thoughts on “Daiwa Megaforce Plus with Twitchin’ Bar Baitcasting Reel”

  1. nice innovation. if it is something great why don’t daiwa put this feature on their high-end bait casting reels?

    1. Doen’t appear the idea really caught on. Was fun toying around with it but I think the novelty goes away after awhile.

  2. This reel looks too good to be true which sadly it actually is! The thing about adding more features to a reel means more parts that can break! I too once wanted to buy this reel until I read several reviews telling me that its’ twitching function does not last!

    1. sportfishin' asia

      You are right Oz. It’s just a novelty thing that is doomed to fail. Nothing beats the satisfaction of some real finger-wrist-hand work of our own.

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