Electric Scooter for Fishing?

Perhaps the most common scenario for many angler is to drive to the fishing location and walk to the spot. And then walk some more when changing spots.

Another scenario is going fishing on a motorbike. 

I know near to nothing when it comes to electric scooters before this. Never crossed my mind I’d had much use for it to consider getting one, until now that is.

I can see the practicality of using one for some people for their commute or needs, but for fishing?

It all changed during a Sunday family dinner however. We got in touch with Jerung Wheels, the local distributor for Kaabo e-scooters and two weeks later I’m riding one for the first time in my life.

My new ride, the Kaabo Mantis 10 electric scooter.

Before that I looked at a number of YouTube videos and reviews and the Kaabo scooters seem to garner a lot of positives. Of course nothing is perfect and I’m still learning about electric scooters so, let’s see further down the road.

One interesting point that came up that probably pique my interest is they are off-road capable now. I’ve always had the impression that e-scooters are built for urban or town hard pavement use.

They now come with suspensions and off-road tires, too. Now, that changes the game for me.

4X4 and ATV Alternative?

I could imagine folding up one, throwing it into the car boot and using it through narrow paths to get to fishing holes. They’re small, quiet and quick. Very quick actually!

That represent some advantages compared to using a four wheel drive truck or an All-terrain vehicle (ATV) which will require towing. Obviously the e-scooter is not a go anywhere vehicle either.

It can however, be a very convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport to nearby fishing spots or throw it into the car boot to explore further away places.

On top of that when not on fishing duties, it can be used as a family runaround the neighbourhood for chores or recreation.

The Mantis 10 in the van with plenty of space to spare. It will also fit easily in most cars.

Power In A Wide Range

I had the opportunity to try out the range of scooters at Jerung Wheels to note the differences each model offers. Being someone who’s never stepped onto an e-scooter that experience was an eye opener!

Some of the different models I test rode at Jerung Wheels

The base model

I started of with the “mildest” model which was a wise move I think. As soon as you pull the throttle lever it just shoots forward. I use the word ‘shoot’ for this model as the higher specification models will absolutely lunge forward.

If you do not hold tight or is not ready that thing will very possible leave you standing or worse, drag you along. Yes, you have been warned.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King is a beast!

Top of the range model

How Fast Do They Go?

You need a helmet fast, that’s how fast.

It’d be a good idea to wear at least a good cycling helmet starting from the base model. And if you have the need for speed or you’re riding the dual-motor models, a full face helmet may not be a bad idea at all.

The e-scooters will go to a top speed of anything from 30km/h to 90km/h.

And if you’re not used to electric vehicles, be ready…there’re no such thing as gradual acceleration. Well, there is but once you go it feels more like it’s on maximum speed from the beginning, so learn to feather the throttle.


The battery range will vary anything from 10-60KM (real world figures) depending on the scooter model. Their brochure will typically state twice the distance, plausible perhaps in very controlled ideal situations.

The one I’m using, the Kaabo Mantis 10, will do around 35km so that seem to be more than enough for what I have in mind for it. Will update this later when I get more more mileage on the scooter.

There are much exploring and testing to do on this subject of using an e-scooter for fishing. Will update my progress including producing some videos of my adventures.

If you’re interested in a Kaabo scooter, let me know as I can get you a good deal from the distributor.

Thanks for reading. Keep going, Juan Wei.

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