Chasing Wild Fish | Aznir Malek’s Fishing Exploits Vol 2

How many of you have actually thought about writing a book about your fishing adventures?

Frankly I’ve thought about it but never got around to doing it and there’re always doubts in my mind if anyone will actually read it and if I put it up for sale will people pay for it.

Those are likely fair concerns and everyone will think the same.

Anyway, instead of writing my own book, I recently helped a friend Aznir put together his second book. 

Aznir actually published  his first book about his fishing forays many many years ago and that was a hardcopy book.

This time he published his second book and I helped him make it into an e-book. Why? Because we are now in the digital age.

Most people are just not that into reading books these days.

I know, I know there’re still a number of nostalgic people who still like to hold an actual book in their hands and Aznir actually has plans to make the book into hardcopies from the proceeds he gets from the ebook.

At the meantime, while you wait for my book to (ever) come out, you can read Aznir’s!

Perhaps you’ll also be inspired to write!!

Click here to check out his ebook:

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