Bizzare fishing lures


Looks like Popeye is taking a break from catching Olive Oyl to catch some fish! He’s short, balding, ornery and downright ugly by anyone’s standards, but I wonder if this top water lure provides enough top water action to actually catch any fish?

There sure are some strange fishing lures in the market like the ones here by Relic Lures. I have not tried them so can’t be sure if they even gets any second glance from the fish but they sure adds some fun to your fishing.

Reservoir Dogs (Above, complete with sunglasses) and Popeye Surface Propeller Fishing Lure plus Spinach Can! (below) By Relic Lures



5 thoughts on “Bizzare fishing lures”

  1. Hi Mr Chia,

    The article on the Sasaran trip is published in this month’s issue (September) of Rod & Line magazine. It is titled ‘Obama’ Day At Sasaran (Page 72-74). You may want to get a copy of the magazine to check it out.

    Thanks and cheers.

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