How to Tie a Woolly Bugger – Fly Tying Video

How to Tie a Woolly Bugger – Fly Tying Video

The Woolly Bugger is one of the most effective fly pattern and catches a wide variety of fish species.

What is it?

Categorised under streamers – the life-like action of the Woolly Bugger makes it a versatile fly that can be used to give the impression of a large number of food sources such as leeches, baitfish, tadpoles, damselfly or dragonfly larvae and crayfish. It is a must have for any fly box, except maybe dry fly purists!

How to fish a Woolly Bugger

While you can fish this pattern on just about any line – floating, intermediate, sink tip, or full sinking line, I have personally had the best results fishing it at the bottom and slow.

Pull and pause, short strip and pause all work. Fish have taken the Woolly Bugger on the drop and it also caught fish by doing nothing, just let it sit on the bottom and the water current will bring it to life!

What are the fishes you have caught using a Woolly Bugger pattern? Leave a comment in the comment box.

A finished black Woolly Bugger. You can vary the colour and add flash to it, too.

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