Braid to braid knot

Braid to braid knot

NEED TO JOIN BRAID FROM SPOOL TO BRAID already on the reel? We need to do that occasionally. Like when we get hung-up on something on the bottom and the line breaks near to our reel or rod. When that happens in deeper water it’d mean quite a bit of line is lost.

There are more than one knot for the job. My preferred choice for joining two braided lines of equal or near equal diameter is the Uni knot / Double Uni / Uni to Uni Splice Knot (Confused? Don’t be. They are all the same thing!).

Here’s something very important to consider. Most times it much wiser to just re-spool rather than joining the lines. Remember, the less connections there are on your terminal tackle, the less that can fail.

uni knot


Knot Tips:

When tying fishing knots always

  • Pass your line through the eye of your tackle twice, if possible.
  • Double your line before tying, if your tackle allows, to create extra friction.
  • Use a gloved hand, dowel, or soft-jawed pliers to avoid injury when tightening knots, especially when using braided lines.
  • Moisten your knot before tightening.


  1. Paul says

    will it interfere with rollers on my tuna rod. I lost quite a bit of 80lb braided, maybe down to 100 yards left. Should I respool with a fresh line?

    • says

      It won’t interfere much with roller guides. Whenever possible I personally prefer to re-spool, especially when going for big powerful fish. The emotional cost of losing a catch of a lifetime is costlier compared to buying new lines.

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