Learn Fly Casting in Malaysia

If you are interested in learning fly casting or improving your fly fishing skills, you should consider learning from an experienced and qualified professional.

Learn from a Qualified Instructor

As full time fishing charter operator, fishing guide and certified fly casting instructor who spend most of my time fishing and on the waters, I will get you started the right way and share with you valuable tips.

The better you can cast, the more fish you will catch.

Pics above: A few casting lessons in progress
Pics below: Tuz having his first fly fishing lesson after learning to cast

I have programs for beginners to intermediate and advanced classes to cater to all levels.

Fly Casting Lessons:

  • Introduction to fly fishing for beginners
  • Fly fishing gear and how to choose what’s right for you
  • Basics of fly casting
  • Intermediate fly casting
  • Advanced fly casting
  • Fixing faults
  • Safety and etiquette
  • Techniques
  • Fly casting based on different applications, environments and target species
  • Preparation/mentoring for Casting Instructor certification program
  • Fly fishing trips

Juan Wei (creator of Sport Fishing Asia and Fly Fishing Asia) is a certified fly casting instructor under Fly Fishers International and has extensive fishing experience. You may also see a list of current certified casting instructors in the FFI website to find one closest to you.

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