Fly Fishing in the Rainforest of Royal Belum, Temenggor, Malaysia

Do not forget to take long deep breaths whenever you are in the heart of the rainforest, such as the Royal Belum Forest Reserves.

If you are from the urban city, make that many deep breaths! I can never get enough and really could feel the difference. Even wish I can pack some of these oxygen-rich fresh air home with me!

This is my first jungle river fly-fishing experience ever and who better than to do it with than FFF CCI Nick Ooi himself. The man who practically “founded” fly-fishing in Malaysia almost two decades ago.

Don’t miss the video where I attempt to take you along into the rainforest and experience the sceneries of Temenggor and of course watch Nick fly fish for a Jungle Perch.

Will be bringing you guys more footages soon. Let me know if you like what you see.