Fishing at Jurassic SW Pond in Sepang Selangor

Fishing at Jurassic SW Pond in Sepang Selangor

Operated by the same people from the Jurassic Pond with the snakeheads, next to the Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond in Rawang, this is a different offering as it features saltwater fish, hence the SW moniker.

About 70km from Subang where I picked up Nick and Mah, it took us about an hour to get to this place that started operations about three months ago (February 2015). Comprising of mainly two ponds simply labeled pond A and pond B they offer an assortment of saltwater species.


Pond A at Jurassic SW


Mangrove jack


Mah onto a fish with his Spey gear

Above photos taken using the HTC Re camera

Pond A

Pond A has 10 species of fish ie cobia, mangrove jack, golden snapper, redfish, giant trevally, barramundi, grouper, err and I can’t recall what the rest are…

The rectangular shaped pond is not very big, maybe 20 meters by 30 meters (60ft x 100ft). I was told it is around 3m (9ft) deep and basically featureless except for a ‘drop-off’ somewhere.

Fishing fee is RM 100 per rod for 4 hours.

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