March debut for 2010 Shimano Stella reels

THE CREME DE LA CREME of spinning reels, the flagship of Shimano fishing reels which many angler salivate over is about to see a new line-up since 2007.

Known for its near impeccable build, smoothness and power, the Shimano Stella is a must-have or on the wish-list of almost every serious sport fisher. Some swear by it especially if they target tackle-busting fishes such as the giant trevally.

shimano stella 4000xg

The new models features extra smooth & high powered (oversized) drive gear.

The X-Ship gear system allows for closer meshing of the gear promoting durability by reducing wear, increasing performance and makes for smoother operation.

shimano stella pinion gear bearing
shimano stella

The new models boast precision machine cut super magnesium and aluminum body allowing increased strength, rigidity and making the reels lightweight.

Shimano’s super rust proofing surface treatment EI system is designed to keep the Stella going in the harshest of conditions.

Other notable features include easy maintenance, full floating shaft, smart form handle, AR-C lightweight spool, and stress free bail system.

The new Stella will be available in Japan in March. No news about other market release dates but it will normally take months unless you are able to buy online (for those who just can’t wait).

I’m wondering if the Stella FD or the older range models will see a drop in price?

A video from Shimano TV on the  Shimano Stella. You’ll enjoy it more if you understand japanese. It does however shows the workings of the new drive gears which may be interesting to watch.

shimano tv

6 thoughts on “March debut for 2010 Shimano Stella reels”

  1. Based on the mechanical design improvements, this is the top dog in reel design. It’s amazing how much Shimano is willing to cram so much sophistication into a reel. Oh, I just remembered, they are charging a hefty price for it.

  2. I would suggest a Daiwa Capricorn 4500J. It is the Australian version of Freams 4500J but with an additional ball bearing in a critical position and better build. Good review but a tad more expensive too. In Australia, it comes with a 5 year warranty.

  3. Yes, the original Freams J is not too desirable although many treat it like a beginner’s saltwater reel when getting started in jigging and or popping. It does not have good reviews mainly due to reliability from what I could gather.

    Thanks for the Caprocorn tip!

  4. Since we are on the subject of high tech reels, check out the Daiwa Certate 2010 with Magnetic Seal. This is Daiwa’s latest innovation on waterproofing with magnetic oil.

    I have no brand loyalty but Shimano is simply more practical when it comes to waterproofing. I just love designs that are reasonable.

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