HTC Re camera image capture setting

I’m still having fun with the HTC Re. There are a few choices when selecting how you want the shots to turn out.

To change the settings, connect the camera to the smartphone app. Once connected, click the menu bar located on the top left corner.

The Photo Resolution settings available are

  • High (16 MP, 4:3)
  • Medium (12 MP, 16:9)
  • Low (8.3 MP, 16:9)

You can also choose to toggle the Ultra-Wide Angle on/off.

HTC Re setting at High (Ultra-Wide)
High (16 MP, 4:3) Ultra-Wide. 4592 x 3456px. 300 ppi. 3.90 MB file size.

This is my preferred setting although there is a lot of distortions on the edges due to the Ultra-Wide Angle. The distortions can be corrected using Photoshop if needed.

HTC Re setting at High (Ultra-Wide off)
High (16 MP, 4:3). 4592 x 3456px. 300 ppi. 4 MB file size.

With the Ultra-Wide Angle turned off there is the risk of missing out on the subjects or unintentionally cropping out people when shooting up-close.

HTC Re setting at Medium (Ultra-Wide)
Medium (12 MP, 16:9). Ultra-Wide. 4592 x 2592px. 300 ppi. 3.06 MB file size.

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