Catching Sailfish in Malaysia with Fishermen from Darwin: Anthony, Richard and Christopher.

Hi Juan, Chris, Richard and myself would like to thank you for a great trip in October, special thanks to Denis and Steve their knowledge and effort of chasing sails from Rompin was excellent and they were fun to fish with, the house was great and the local food was most enjoyable and we will definitely be back for another trip when possible. – Anthony

Anthony used to run his own sport fishing charter in Australia and a very well-traveled man, so, expectation is high upon landing in Kuala Rompin :)

Together with Richard and Christopher, the three good friends form the crew on this fishing and holiday trip to Malaysia.

Flying in into Singapore, the crew had a short rest and relax stopover in a popular spot before we picked them up from the Carlton Hotel in Singapore. They also had a short stay in Singapore before catching their flight home to South Australia.

Below are photos from their three days fishing with us, 3rd to 5th October 2017.

Anthony with his first sailfish
Richard with a nice one
Christopher is all smiles and having fun in Rompin
Christopher with his catch
Sailfish with a crooked bill
Christopher keeps his sailfish in the water for release
Anthony battles another sailfish
Anthony with a beautiful sailfish
Exchanging notes with Sport Fishing Asia’s other guests over seafood dinner
Denis grabs another sailfish
Richard with a decent fish
Big rod!
A quick group photo for the 3 good friends
Anthony is on again
Airborne sailfish
Anthony with a beauty
Black and a nice diamond trevally caught on micro jig, a popular target species usually early in the season around March to April.
A rather bad photo (!) by JW of Anthony, Richard and Chris with our crew.
A special dinner aboard our sport fisher yacht the Sea Urchin along with our other guests, American Ben and his Japanese wife and father in-law.
Chatting in the evening aboard the Sea Urchin
A special dinner with very different dishes for this group of guest
The Sea Urchin in the Rompin river

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